How to Choose a Freelance Writing Niche that Makes Money in 5 Easy Steps

Calling All Bloggers and Freelance Writers...

who dream of ditching their 9-5 so they can work from home but aren’t waking up every morning with an inbox overflowing with potential clients or PayPal notifications dinging to let you know that you’ve had a lot of affiliate sales rolling in….

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Niche Ninja Mini-Course Can Help!

Everyone always talks about Niche down, and no one explains how to do it. After taking this course, I was able to pick a profitable niche and feel confident in my choice. This course gave me tools I will be able to use throughout my business. Thank you, Heather, you are the best!!
Although niching down can be overwhelming, Heather has created a brilliant course that teaches you how to identify your ideal clients by understanding their needs and preferences while giving you insight into their psychology. She breaks down the process in easy-to-follow steps, on how to research the demand of your target market and audience your competitors by using specific tools, videos, and worksheets that also help you evaluate the profitability of your niche. Most importantly, she cares enough for the result to align with your core values.
Anna Markou
“Choosing what niche to build your freelancing business or blog on is the most important decision you ever make as a writer. It determines everything you do going forward. So, why not ensure that you make the right choice. With this course, Heather not only helps you find the perfectly profitable niche for you, but shows you exactly how to become THE EXPERT in your field. Plus, with years of freelancing experience to share, she sprinkles in nuggets of wisdom throughout. Stop guessing, stop wondering and worrying, buy this course and be sure about which niche is right for you. Or should I say write for you?”
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“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” Meredith Hill

I want to share with you the process I created that finally helped me gain traction with my blog and freelance writing business.

The Niche Ninja Mini-Course Will Help You:

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I like that you’re skeptical because you can never be too safe! Many people claim they can help you make money online, and their brilliant idea is taking surveys to earn income.

The truth is that I’ve been making money online for awhile – 4 years. I’ve made thousands of dollars as a freelance writer and blogger. So, I’m proof that it is possible to make good money in both of these online careers without having a degree in English or Marketing.

My first job was on Upwork, so I’ve worked the crappy, low-paying jobs too. That’s why I’m here helping you escape horrible pay and months of not gaining traction with your blog. Plus, it took me a YEAR to choose my niche!


Learn how to define your unique selling proposition.

A worksheet to help you identify your ideal avatar.

A video overview of KeySearch+ you’ll learn the basics of keyword research using this tool.

A list of 35+ profitable and popular freelance writing niches
A list of 116 profitable and popular blog niches
Niche ninja Bonuses
Niching down is probably the best business advice I have ever received. But many believe this only applies to product-based business, and if you offer a service, you should be open to any kind of customer. But niching down your freelance writing business means understanding your (ideal) client 100%, speaking their language, and providing the best possible service to them. And Heather shows you exactly how to find out who that ideal client is and how to attract it. Her simple and clear instructions will help you quickly gain clarity and build your dream freelance writing business.
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Mia Fox
You need the Niche Ninja Course! Everyone talks about "You need to niche down" or "choose a profitable niche" and Heather makes it easy to understand HOW to go about doing both of these. Her workbook walks you through the process of how to dig a bit deeper and get at the core of choosing a niche you'll want to spend time writing about and working with. Her video walkthroughs of various resources for choosing a profitable niche (and blog articles) are master classes in themselves! You won't be disappointed and as Heather says niche down to level up your profits!
Kelli Shipp
The Niche Ninja Mini-Course walked me through the entire process of choosing a profitable niche, from identifying my ideal reader to researching each niche to determine whether it's in demand and how competitive it is. While working through the course, I used the beautifully designed worksheets to come up with a list of profitable niche ideas for my next blog and finally narrowed it down to a topic that is both in demand and one that I would enjoy writing about. If you've been spinning your wheels trying to decide on a blog or freelance writing niche, stop now and take this course!

Here's What You Get:

Questions Smart People Ask


I realize not everyone is a blogger AND freelance writer, but this works for both. It actually works for ANYONE looking to do freelance work in general, too, not just writers. Every freelancer needs a niche, whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, blogger, etc.

Obviously, the critical element here is you. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I can give you all the information in the world, but if you don’t implement what you learn, you’re not going to get very far. Implementation is key, and my process is easy to do. This process will help you verify whether your niche ideas are profitable if you put in the work. It can save you time and money that you could have otherwise wasted trying to make an unprofitable niche work.

Honestly, you can probably block out one afternoon to run through the process if you’re itching to get started. The nice thing is you can replicate this process over and over again for any future niche sites you may want to create. If you want to take your time, you can do that too. This is a self-paced course, so it’s very flexible.

Lord, let me tell you. I had the same attitude (and budget) when I started. I wasted MONTHS figuring out how to start a blog and writing business when if I had an affordable resource that would give me the shortcut to making money faster, I would have started writing much sooner. That means I could have started working from home full-time sooner, reducing my commute to from the bed to the coffee pot (for real).

Time is money. The less time you waste, the quicker you can skip to the make-money part.

Absolutely not! There are people with NO degree making tons of money freelance writing!

Not sure yet? At least don’t leave empty handed!

Download the eBook on why you need to choose a niche + tips to make your business successful from the start.

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